Just a heads up:
This page is on hiatus until further notice. Nothing will be taken offline, but due to personal reasons I haven’t had enough time to take proper care of the website for a while now. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to update it regularly again eventually. In the meantime I might still post some links here and there on the Facebook page (See link at the bottom.) if some news pop up.
I am so sorry as this little project still means a lot to me. Thank you to everyone for their support and patience.

an archive dedicated to Christian Kane!

This place will basically be a collection of links to articles, interviews, etc. about Christian Kane. So grab a drink, get comfy and take a trip down memory lane or catch up on news about the man.

All articles are filed in the “Through The Years” section and, depending on the topics, were also added to the separate categories in case you just want to read up on a certain subject. Please be aware that this site is a work in progress so I’ll continually add links, old and new.

For more info on how this idea came about and your admin, check the “About” section.

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