Welcome to KANENCYCLOPEDIA, an archive dedicated to Christian Kane!

Some of you may be wondering how this website came about. Well… I’ve been a fan of Christian’s work as an actor and singer since his days on “Angel”, and I’d been toying with the idea of setting up an archive of sorts for a while already. Back in the day, there used to be so many great Kane websites and I really found myself missing those in the fast-paced age of Facebook where so many interesting articles, interviews, etc. get lost way too easily.

I already co-run another archive for the German singer Thomas Godoj (Lexithom) together with my sweet friend Silvia, so I suppose taking on this new project for real kind of came natural.

Obviously, this website will be a work in progress considering the backlog of many, many years. But hey, that also means regular updates will not only include new links but also some old gems for quite a while. Also, always feel free to e-mail me if there’s anything you want me to add as soon as possible or you think I might be missing in the long run. I’m also always happy to get some feedback so leave a comment in the guestbook if you want to.

And in case you want to know more about your admin: My name’s Angy and I’m a thirty-something from Germany. My biggest addiction is going to concerts, mainly rock, hard rock and metal. So yeah, I suppose Christian is kind of the exception here. *lol* Other artists I love are Thomas Godoj, Fozzy, Alter Bridge, Skillet to name but a few. I also love to travel, which fortunately goes hand in hand with my passion for live music. Obviously, I’m also a bit of a TV junkie – my fave shows are “Leverage” & “Angel”, but I also enjoy “Frequency”, “Lethal Weapon”, “Bones”, “Dawson’s Creek”, “Charmed”, “The Librarians” and many more.

If there’s anything of interest I may have forgotten, just give me a holler. ;-)