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2018-01-14 Ross Patterson Revolution: Episode 155 – Special Guest Christian Kane

2017-12-28 Sci Fi Fidelity: Sci Fi Fidelity Bonus: The Librarians
2017-12-21 AboutTown: Clayne Crawford Foundation to Table
2017-12-14 TNT: The Librarians: We Can Do Amazing Things – Season 4 Overview [BTS]
2017-12-14 TNT: The Librarians: Four Years in the Library – Season 4 [BTS]
2017-12-13 The Librarians/Facebook: The Librarians are live and taking your questions
2017-12-13 Cultured Vultures: INTERVIEW: John Harlan Kim Talks The Librarians
2017-12-10 The Oregonian: ‘The Librarians’ Season 4: The Portland-filmed show – and…
2017-12-06 PRwave: Joi, 21 decembrie, BIBLIOTECARII vin la DIVA pentru două…
2017-11-24 Geek Mom: ‘The Librarians’ Season 4: Christian Kane, John Kim, and Dean…
2017-11-22 BMM Talk 2 Me: Christian Kane, James Marsters, Graham McTavish…
2017-11-19 Twitch: Live from Supanova Comic Con & Gaming – Adelaide
2017-11-16 Supanova/Facebook: Mwave PC Gaming Zone photos
2017-11-15 TV Line: The Librarians’ Pulp Adventure-Style Poster Touts ‘Big’ and ‘Bigger’…
2017-11-12 Writes Of The Roundtable: Supanova Comic Con, Brisbane: Stan Lee, King…
2017-11-12 Twitch: Live from Supanova Comic Con & Gaming BRISBANE (starts at 0:55)
2017-11-11 Daily Mail: Doing it for the fans! Twilight star Jodelle Ferland takes to the…
2017-10-24 Getty Images: Premiere Of Electric Entertainment’s ‘LBJ’ – Arrivals
2017-10-24 Rex Features: ‘LBJ’ film premiere, Arrvials, Los Angeles
2017-10-23 The Portalist: The Librarians Cast and Creators on Intellectual Heroism

2012-09-15 Kung Fu Monkey: LEVERAGE #505 “The ‘Gimme a K’ Street Job” Post-Game
2012-09-07 Kung Fu Monkey: LEVERAGE #504 “The French Connection Job” Post-Game

2011-06-06 TV Line: Matt’s Inside Line: Scoop on House, Grey’s Anatomy, Fringe, Nikita…