“Christmas in the Heartland”

Update – October 27, 2017

According to Bryan Whorton, who plays Roy Wilkins in the movie, “Christmas in the Heartland” will already be released as video on demand on November 14, 2017.

Update – October 02, 2017

According to Maggie McClure (who wrote a song that is featured in it), “the movie will be in select theaters and DVD/iTunes/Amazon on Thanksgiving weekend!”

Update – September 27, 2017

A trailer has been added to VMI Worldwide‘s website.

Update – September 25, 2017

So in the meantime the movie got a new title, “Christmas in the Heartland”. Internationally it looks like it’ll be distributed as “The Christmas Trap”. According to the brand new Facebook page, it’s scheduled to be released on November 23.

Update – March 10, 2017

“Southern Christmas wrapped production in March and has a tentative November theatrical release date.”

Source: NewsOK

Updated on Feb. 7, 2017 – includes SPOILERS for Christian’s part and the movie

Apparently Christian Kane is working on a new movie. The family comedy is called “Southern Christmas” and currently shooting in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The film, directed by Harvey Lowry, is a comedy about two girls: Kara is a rich teenage girl that has always had everything money can buy. Jessie is a poor tomboy with lots of attitude. When seated next to each other on a plane, they strike up an unlikely friendship. They soon find they’re both on their way to spend the holidays with relatives they’ve never met. Since neither really want to go, they devise a plan to switch places and have fun with it until they’re sent back home. Problems arise when they find they actually like the families they meet. With a little help from Santa and a Christmas wish, they find the families they have always wanted.

Christian will be playing the part of Jeff Gentry. The casting call on Oklahoma’s Movie Makers‘ Facebook page describes the role as follows:

40 to 49 years old, all ethnicities male. a handsome man in his forties, Kara’s father, build a successful business with his own two hands. Isn’t close with his family at all. His mother pushed him away years ago due to the fact that she didn’t like his wife, comes back so he can spend time with Kara for Christmas, finds out his mother isn’t actually his mother, and gains a lot of new family.

It also stars Sierra McCormick, Bo Derek, Shelley Long, JoeDon Rooney, Brighton Sharbino, Paula Trickey and Christopher Rich.

Some pictures have also already been shared on Instagram etc.:
Ricki Maslar/Instagram / Ricki Maslar/Twitter / Bryan Whorton/Instagram / Paula Trickey/Instagram 1/2 / Christian Kane/Instagram

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