Only A Dream

It seems like there’s a new movie project for Christian Kane. I’m not sure how legit the information is as there hasn’t been an announcement made by him or his team yet, but I’ll just put together what I could find so far.

The news has been posted on the movie’s website, Facebook and Twitter that Christian will be part of a movie called “Only A Dream”. From what I gather, this started out as an animated short film, which will now be turned into an 84-minute feature film by Pixar animator Ben Rush (if the movie is successfully financed).

On its Indiegogo page, the story is described as follows:

Only A Dream is a coming-of-age roller coaster about kids facing their fears, literally… the ones hiding under their beds and in their hearts. It’s about acceptance, empowerment, and the will of a girl to endure over impossible odds.

A detailed summary of the story can be found on the website here.

Christian is slated to be the voice of Scarecrow. On the website the character is described as the orphan Lucy’s “imaginary friend” who is “not a friend at all. Scarecrow is her worst enemy. He’s got a death grip on her dreams, leveraging his legions of ghouls and goblins to harvest her fear.” Lucy will be played by Chalet Lizette Brannan.

Here are some further links:
Website / Facebook / Twitter / IMDb / Indiegogo campaign / Instagram / Tumblr / Blogger / YouTube

There’s also an interview with Ben Rush about the movie on Zerply that was done in February, which you can find here.

Edit: Also just had this nice update via email in my inbox

“Although we haven’t done what we’d hoped (so far) in terms of our Indiegogo numbers, we have gathered many allies and attracted some very high level talent to the film which we were lacking prior to launch.
Among them is Christian Kane, a country music legend and star of Angel, The Librarians (on TNT), Dawson’s Creek and dozens of other films and TV shows.  His fans, the “Kane-iacs” hold a Kane-Con convention annually in his honor!  He’s slated to play Scarecrow in the feature film version of Only a Dream.”