Upcoming projects

Updated on 06/28/2016

I thought I’d put together a little update on Christian Kane’s upcoming projects as a few news are making the rounds.

As most of you know, Christian is filming “The Librarians” up in the Portland, Oregon area at the moment. Looks like that’ll still be the case until sometime in August.

Afterwards he’s scheduled to appear at Wizard World in Chicago, taking place from August 18 – 21, 2016. More info on ticket prices, location etc. can be found on their website.

Also a new movie project has been announced:

Christian will be back as Sheriff Corbin in “Junkie II”, a sequel to the film “Junkie” that he shot earlier this year in Sacramento. A new Indiegogo campaign went live yesterday in support of the movie that you can check out here. According to the campaign page, production will take place in Seattle this winter. Please follow them on Facebook or Twitter for the latest updates.

The first trailer for “Junkie” has just been released:

(All info is gathered from articles etc. I found online, I’m in no way affiliated with any of these projects or know any “behind the scenes” stuff. So no guarantee that everything is 100 % accurate.)