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2015-10-10 CONtv: Christian Kane Can Cook! CONtvLIVE from NYCC
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2013-03-26 Zarata Asociación Cultural: ShowTimeCon DVD Teaser
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2012-07-24 Electric Entertainment: Leverage HQ Tour by “Eliot” – Rare BTS Footage!

2011-01-07 Assignment X: CD Review: Christian Kane – THE HOUSE RULES

2010-11-08 IF Magazine: ConCon DVD sneak peek
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2010-05-27 IF Magazine: LEVERAGE – Season 3 – Summer Shopping – Clip #4 – ELIOT
2010-02-11 IF Magazine: Roy Chappell (Christian Kane) – SUPER HAPPY POWER GO
2010-02-05 dfw.com: Celebrity Super Bowl picks

2009-07-17 Buzzfocus: Interview: Christian Kane of TNT’s Leverage
2009-02-09 TV Guide: Gina Bellman, Leverage: “The Juror No. 6 Job”
2009-02-05 IF Magazine: The cast and crew of TNT’s new series LEVERAGE get…
2009-01-19 TV Guide: Gina Bellman, Leverage: “The Mile-High Job”
2009-01-12 TV Guide: Gina Bellman, Leverage: “The Wedding Job”
2009-01-05 TV Guide: Gina Bellman, Leverage: “The Stork Job”

2008-12-31 Electric Entertainment: Anatomy of a Fight Scene with Christian Kane
2008-12-29 TV Guide: Gina Bellman, Leverage: “The Bank Shot Job”
2008-12-22 TV Guide: Gina Bellman, Leverage: “The Miracle Job”
2008-12-08 TV Guide: Gina Bellman, Leverage: “The Homecoming Job”