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2015-10-25 Whedonverse: Christian Kane Talks Roles, Music & Future
2015-10-23 TIBS: Catching Up With Christian Kane
2015-05-24 Rama’s Screen: Christian Kane Explains His Art History Background For…
2015-05-24 Rama’s Screen: Here’s Christian Kane Singing His Song, “Thinking Of You”…
2015-05-23 St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Wizard World Comic Con brings out the fans
2015-05-22 We are movie geeks: Christian Kane Performs in St. Louis Before Wizard…

2014-12-09 DVMPodcastEmpire: 7 1/2 Minutes with Christian Kane DVMPE 2014 NYCC
2014-12-07 TV Goodness: Christian Kane Talks The Librarians @ New York Comic Con
2014-12-07 TV Goodness: More of Christian Kane Talking about TNT’s The Librarians

2004-05-01 Spokeo: Christian Kane at the premiere of “New York Minute” in Hollywood

2003-02-20 Spokeo: Christian Kane at the GQ Annual Hollywood Issue Bash in Hollywood

2001-02-17 CityofAngel.com: Posting Board Party 2001